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"Single origin coffee is the way to go. Southpaw Roasters get it. Never over-roasted. The perfect cup of coffee." - Dan Michael

"Like wine, the nuances of taste are endless. Cup changes character as it cools. All good!"

- George Vincent

"Brazilian coffee is my favorite. Wonderful to be able to taste all the various overtones of flavor." - Haley Adams

"With selections constantly rotating, there is always something new to try. Look forward to trying all of them." - Ada Guterriz

"Love Southpaw Roasters! Best coffee ever! Can’t wait for subscription service! Want this coffee daily! Until then, will re-order bi-weekly!" - Pat Johnson

"Finally, a roaster who understands you don’t need to over-roast to get the best out of coffee beans." - Jon Meadows

"Black, oily beans are no longer in my life. Thank you, Southpaw Roasters." - Lisa Dale

"Happy to review my experience with Southpaw. Coffees are of the highest quality. I simply can’t get enough. Love your single origin roasts!" - Heidi Maynard

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