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  • Africa’s diverse coffee regions produce beans with fruity, sweet and floral notes

  • Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Heirloom varietals still grow wild to this day

  • The African Great Lakes Region (Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi) produces some of Africa’s finest coffee beans

  • Mountain ranges including Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and Mount Kenya provide the high altitude and rich soil necessary for truly unique flavor profiles


Learn a little bit about the regions where our single origin beans are grown. Each varietal has its own unique set of flavors.

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  • South America produces more coffee than any other region in the world

  • Coffee was first introduced to Brazil in 1727, although cultivation did not gain momentum until Brazil gained independence from Portugal, in 1822

  • Brazil produces over 33% of the world’s coffee. Considered to be the largest producer in the world

  • The National Federation of Coffee Growers was formed to promote and protect the coffee industry for small farmers. There are over 500,000 growers that are supported by the NFCG

  • South American coffees tend to have a creamy quality with chocolatey and nutty tasting notes

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  • The Central American Volcanic Arc, also known as CAVA, produces some of the richest soil, perfect for growing high quality coffee in this central region 

  • Costa Rica is thought to be the first country in Central America to grow coffee

  • Central American coffees produce a wide range of flavors -- everything from Baker’s chocolate to poached pear

  • Geisha, one of the rarest varietals,is present throughout Central America, primarily grown in Guatemala and Panama

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  • The coffee plant was introduced to Indonesia by Dutch colonists in the 17th century

  • More than 90% of Indonesia’s coffee is grown by smallholders on farms averaging one hectare equal to 2.471 acres

  • Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Kelut and Mount Merapi, are located along the Sunda Arc 

  • These volcanoes provide a rich volcanic soil that produces some of the most unique and funky coffee flavors in the world